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Matrix By Quadribox

GLASS MASTERING  and stamper

for optical digital support: CD/DVD

pre­recorded and recordable.

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  • Products prime quality
  • Top level of services: Sales, Customer Service and Production are organized to be prompt and flexible
  • Problem Solving: experts attend the customers step by step in order to work out possible technical hitches with stampers, copying process or autoring realization.
  • Shift system to assure an answer by the time of 12, 24 or 36 hours (it depends on the kind of requirement).
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Our services

Anti-Piracy Program

MATRIX  follows the principles of Anti-Piracy Compliance Program developed by IRMA. It represents a defend from unwilled pirat material production.

Copy protection

Original Masters are protected with the most reliable of professional systems: 

  • CSS (Content Scrambling System)
  • Macrovision (ACP/Safedisc/Ripguard)
  • StarForce (CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/DVD-Video)

FTP service

Matrix Datarius Controllo qualità

Our products

  • Glass Master 240 mm Nickel Sputtered
  • Glass Master 180 mm Nickel Sputtered
  • DVD (all format) stamper
  • DVD-R stamper
  • CD Audio stamper
  • CD+G (CD Graphics) stamper
  • CD+Midi stamper
  • CD-Rom Stamper
  • Mode 1/Mode 2 /Mixed Mode (ROM)
  • Mixed Mode (ROM / Audio)
  • CD-ROM  XA stamper
  • Video-CD  (VCD) / D-VCD (VCD up 99 min)stamper
  • CD-I / CD-I Bridge /CD-I Ready stamper
  • CD-ROM Ready CD-Audio Ready stamper
  • Multi Session CD stamper
  • Enanced Music CD (CD Extra) /Photo CD
  • CD-r Stamper (all format) / CD RW
  • CD-Card stamper

FTP Upload

Matrix has servers dedicated to ftp uploading for its clients.

How FTP option works:

  1. Create an account sending an email to with subject “FTP_ACCOUNT”
  2. When you receive by email the access to FTP area created by Matrix-Tech on its servers, upload cd/dvd’s master through a ftp upload software.

IMPORTANT: will be used only files uploaded through FTP on Matrix-Tech’s servers, not other files sent by email.

Click here to download PDF with allowed files formats and useful software: Matrix-tech_FTP_UPLOAD_Instructions.pdf

Matrix by Quadribox- a bit more about us

Matrix by Quadribox is an independent company that deals with Glass Mastering, specialized in producing stamper for optical digital support: CD/DVD pre­recorded and recordable.

Established in 2010, strengthened by the know­how of Matrix-­Tech, Quadribox has reached the leadership of the Italian market and it exports to Europe, Middle East and Far East. It is the second largest independent company in Europe.

Quadribox focuses its strategy on customization, service flexibility and quality in order to meet different specific needs.

Our contacts

Visit us

Via L. Galvani, 6 20068 Peschiera Borromeo - MI - ITALY

Phone us

tel +39 0284967781

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QUADRIBOX S.r.l. | C.F. e P.I. IT07386860964 | REA: MI - 1956594 | Sede legale: Via San Vittore, 20 - 20123 Milano
FACTORY: Via L. Galvani, 6 20068 Peschiera Borromeo - MI - ITALY
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